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TEESER - The social T-shirt -

开发 Hindu Dharmik Collection

Teeser is the first social network where you can spread your life on a T-shirt, expressing your mood and creativity with quotes, images and stickers immediately uploaded on your T-shirt.Teeser is Your Personal Brand where you can turn on life your T-shirts collection to share and spread to the whole community and getting a profit from each sale.CREATEUpload a photo, an image or a background, add text and how many stickers you want. Turn in few taps your idea into a real product and represent yourself through a T-shirt!BUY AND WEARBuy and wear your T-shirt, snap a selfie using "TeeStory" and upload it on your Teeser profile to make it even more unique and personal.SHARESpread to the whole community your creativity, find new users to follow and explore through 300.000+ creation uploaded.Don’t forget to share your creations on other social networks! #yourpersonalbrandSELLOn Teeser your social profile is a showcase for your creations that tell to the world about your style and your identity.So you can earn by selling T-shirts and you will not have to worry about problems, we take care of everything.The Teeser T-shirts are high quality products made with soft and durable cottons. Our digital printing technology ensures real and bright colors that becomes one with the T-shirt.
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